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Telescopic Boom Crane Service in Kelowna

Action Crane Service

Action Crane Service is a crane company operating out of Kelowna BC. Action Crane specializes in providing mobile telescopic boom crane rentals and lifting services. Telescopic boom cranes are an essential lifting and lift support in construction and industrial maintenance projects.

What is a telescopic boom crane?

A telescopic boom crane is a type of mobile crane that consists of a telescopic boom that can be extended and contracted to reach different lengths and heights. The boom is mounted on a mobile platform, typically a truck, and is used for lifting and transporting heavy loads in construction and industrial settings. The boom is operated by hydraulic cylinders and can be positioned in a variety of angles to access tight spaces and perform tasks such as hoisting materials, placing steel beams, and performing demolition work.

How does a telescopic crane work?

A telescopic crane works by using hydraulic cylinders to extend and retract its boom, which is mounted on a mobile platform such as a truck. The boom consists of a series of tubes that fit inside each other, like the sections of a telescopic antenna. The operator uses controls in the cab of the truck to activate the hydraulic cylinders, which extend or retract the boom sections to increase or decrease its length.

The crane also has a hoist system, consisting of a cable and pulley, to lift heavy loads. The hoist system is attached to the end of the boom and is controlled by the operator using a separate set of controls in the cab. The load is attached to a hook at the end of the cable, and the operator can use the controls to raise or lower the load, as well as move it horizontally along the boom.

In operation, the telescopic crane is driven to the work site, and the boom is positioned using outriggers to stabilize the crane. The operator then uses the controls to extend the boom to the desired length and angle, and to lift and transport the load as needed. The hydraulic cylinders and hoist system make it possible to perform precise, controlled movements of the load, making the telescopic crane a versatile and effective tool for construction and industrial applications.

What are the advantages of a telescopic crane?

There are several advantages to using a telescopic crane, including:

  1. Versatility: Telescopic cranes can reach great heights and lengths, allowing them to access hard-to-reach areas and perform a wide range of lifting and transportation tasks.
  2. Precision: The hydraulic control systems of telescopic cranes allow for precise and controlled movements of the boom and hoist, making it easier to place loads accurately and avoid accidents.
  3. Mobility: Telescopic cranes are mounted on mobile platforms, such as trucks, which makes them easy to transport from one job site to another.
  4. Efficiency: Telescopic cranes can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently than other types of cranes, as they don’t require time-consuming assembly and disassembly processes.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Telescopic boom crane service is a cost-effective solution for many lifting and transportation tasks, as they can often perform the work of several cranes or other types of lifting equipment.
  6. Safety: The precise control and stability provided by telescopic cranes, along with the use of safety features such as outriggers, can help to reduce the risk of accidents on the job site.