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Crane Hire Services Provided by Action Crane

When you need heavy lifting done, it’s usually best to hire a crane company for your project rather than purchase your own crane. This is especially true for one-time activities and construction projects. The benefit of renting a crane from a crane hire company like Action Crane Service is that you’ll have access to a fully certified crane fleet as well as our company’s lifting experience, crane rigging and logistical skills.

Cranes are complicated to handle, demanding to deal with, and even hazardous if not used properly. Not only that, there are many regulations, certifications, and inspections that need to be adhered to. A crane hire isn’t like any other type of rental; you’ll get more than just the equipment and an operator. Instead, you’ll gain a safe and experienced heavy lift operation.

If you require a single lift or lift support throughout your entire project, contact Action Crane today and learn how we can help.

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Complete Hoisting Services

At Action Crane, we provide a full range of lifting services to assist with any job, large or small. Our objective is to make the process of putting cranes to work as simple as possible. Action Crane’s rental service options are available to meet the specific needs of your project:

  • Reliable On-time mobilization
  • Fast setup enhancing productivity
  • Well-kept and certified cranes and equipment
  • Highly trained and experienced operators
  • Consultation and lift planning options
  • Safe work procedures


Working with heavy equipment, or more specifically, performing crane lifts, can be hazardous. Properly trained and experienced people, along with safe and reliable equipment, are essential to mitigate the risks involved. Operator certification and equipment inspections play an important part in ensuring that our equipment and our people are qualified to perform their tasks safely. It is through conformance to the safety regulations that we are able to confirm that our people and our equipment are up to the task. At Action Crane, we place great importance and confidence in conforming to the occupational health and safety regulations. So much so that Action Crane has developed a close working relationship with WorkSafe BC. Working with WorkSafeBC, we continue to improve the work safety procedures in our organization and in our industry. Safe work is the utmost priority in our organization. Because of this, you can trust that a partnership with Action Crane means a safe and efficient service for your crane rentals.


Being part of many different lifts in various different industries has equipped our team with a great wealth of experience over the years. This experience is a great asset that has helped serve many of our clients’ projects well in the past. Project planning, equipment selection, and placement are important to ensure minimal delays in work efficiency and site safety. For your next project, contact the experts at Action Crane Service for a project consultation. Working together, the investment in proper lift planning can save your operation time and money.

Mobilization & Delivery

When you hire truck-mounted mobile cranes for your project, you save time and money.

Truck-mounted hydraulic cranes have the ability to use standard roadways and often travel at highway speed. Therefore, our mobile crane rentals don’t require trailering, saving the cost of low-boy hauling expenses. Instead, our mobile crane rental fleet can mobilize under their own power, be set up on-site quickly, and can efficiently move through your jobsite if changes in crane placement are required. It’s this efficiency that saves in transportation and time that provides a cost saving benefit overall.

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Lift Project Planning

When you choose to hire a crane rental from Action Crane, you’ll also have access to our experience in lift planning. A project lift plan helps guarantee that operators and other project staff understand what they need to do and when they need to do it. Proper execution of a lift plan improves safety, productivity, and project quality by optimizing the rigging and lifting process. A good lift plan should compile all of the appropriate information that pertains to a certain lift. All parties involved with the lift should have access to the plan and understand it. Good lift planning and coordination with the people on site will create a safer and more productive crane rental experience. If you have a job that requires a crane service Kelowna with a lift plan, then please contact our expert team today.